Doolin Hostel

Doolin Live Traditional Music Sessions Nightly

Doolin Live Traditional Music Sessions Nightly Date
Feb 1st, 2017 - Nov 1st, 2017

Live Traditional Music in Doolin

Doolin has had a living musical heritage for many decades. It is known worldwide for its live traditional music sessions.

Being a gealteacht area up until the later part of the last century, music, singing, dancing and story telling have always formed the fabric of this community.

This all occurred at house dances rather than the pub culture we see there today.

Four pubs (McGann’s,O’Connors, Fitzpatricks and McDermott’s) in Doolin have live music all year round.

Musicians both local and not so local play here nightly, joined by visiting musicians, every night has its uniqueness. Many different styles and mixes of instruments are to be found.

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