Doolin Hostel

Environment Commitment

 Doolin Hostel Responsible Tourism Commitment

We are very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. This comes a great responsibility to ensure we protect our locality for you and future generations to enjoy. We’re not perfect but we believe every little bit helps and we are committed to improve on it each and every day.

Here are what we do and some easy tips on how you can help us being Green.

  • Embrace “Leave No Trace”. This is a simple ethos and tips to help outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the outdoors while minimizing their impact.E
  • Enjoy the variety of healthy activities Doolin and its surrounding area has to offer.
  • After enjoying the local attractions take your trash home with you and we will dispose of it for you.
  • While staying in the Inn or Hostel, doing simple things make a big difference such as:
    • Turn water taps off when not in use, such as while you are brushing your teeth.
    • When washing up in the kitchen use the tubs provided.
    • Segregate your waste, by putting landfill in bathroom bins, recyclables in bedroom bins, Glass, Batteries, Food Waste in designated bins in kitchen.
    • When opening bedroom windows, if you can remember to turn your heat off.
    • You can turn off the lights when you leave the room and close the door behind you.
    • Buy local and here is a great App to help called the “Burren and Cliffs Geopark App” download on Itunes or Google Play

Here at Doolin Inn and Doolin Hostel we are enthusiastic and committed to being a responsible business. If you have any suggestions we would be delighted to hear them. As a new view point helps us to continue our efforts.